DevOps in a Box – Instant Compartmentalization

Industry trends are eliminating dual engineering hats, creating a DevOps culture that leaves administration of systems to Software Developers. By merging these two roles, customers reduce both time and cost to market.

Fuse Solutions collaborates with industry partners to design and build solutions that improve software deployment and rollback capabilities. Engineering and delivering the right solution for software developers reduces system build time from weeks to minutes, providing an agile environment where application updates are deployed quickly and efficiently.

This same solution also provides compartmentalization that allows customers to spin up temporary containers or VMs quickly for deployment tests and output analysis, deleting after the tests are performed. DevOps in a Box is elastic and can be configured to meet your resource demands as additional scale out as required. Additional capabilities of our solution also allow developers to fix flawed code on the fly with static, dynamic, and vendor app testing and software composition analysis. This same set of capabilities can be used to make sure your app does what it is intended to do.