About Us

Fuse Solutions has the right talent, the right access, and the right expertise to support customers who operate in secure government facilities.

Jason Middleton

Jason Middleton President

Jason Middleton is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where he grew up on a horse farm in Cordova and on the beaches of the Wye River. He spent his summers working for local farmers in the fields as well as his father at Western Auto, where he learned the importance of customer service and developed a strong work ethic.

At a very young age, Jason was well on his way to becoming a mechanic and was expected to take over the family business. That all changed in 1995 when, at age 15, Jason took a typing class at Easton High School which changed the trajectory of his future.  Typing class led to him turning screw drivers and wrenches on computers and ultimately enabled him to start a small IT consulting business during his last three years of high school.  During those three memorable years he built hundreds of computers, small networks, and data storage strategies for local businesses such as accounting firms, real estate companies, medical and law firms.

After high school, Jason was given a full scholarship opportunity from local businesses, but chose to leave the Eastern Shore to pursue his Bachelor’s degree at UMBC and live life away from the comforts of home.  He rowed club crew for UMBC, where he graduated with a degree in Information Systems. During his time at college, Jason worked in both healthcare and higher education as a system administrator and network engineer. His primary responsibilities included managing large FreeBSD and Linux server farms, Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, 2,000+ desktops, as well as multiple enterprise products from Microsoft and Apple.

In the mid-2000’s, Jason’s IT experience ultimately lead him to the Intelligence Community where he supported all areas of IT infrastructure. From there, he went to work in the storage industry at NetApp. After leaving NetApp, Jason became an independent storage architect for the U.S. Government before being asked to start a sales team focused on a specific U.S. intelligence agency.  Four years after building the business, Jason decided to try his hand at start-up life. He ventured into Silicon Valley, but before long, he realized the need for VAR support personal that could be extensions of their OEM partner’s support staff.

Through his previous reselling career and Silicon Valley start-up experience, Jason recognized a need for dark site support that creates a true conduit between development teams at technology companies and the Intelligence Community.  As President of Fuse Solutions, Jason, along with the engineering team, is working to grow their dark site support business with OEM partners to provide them with the customer access needed to fully support their products.

In the winter months, Jason loves to snow ski with his two boys and during the summer you can find him on the sandy beaches of the Wye River with his wife and kids. He is an avid U.S Coin collector and his favorite coin is the Chain Cent of 1793.

Sid Hall

Sid Hall Board Chairman

Sid was born in Abilene, Texas and raised in the Houston area. He was trained as an Arabic linguist in the United States Air Force and served as a Staff Sergeant in the 694th Intelligence Group, 22nd Intelligence Squadron at Fort Meade, Maryland.

After leaving the service, Sid began a new career as a civilian IT consultant for a number of organizations in the Department of Defense, focusing on the Intelligence Community. Sid has fifteen years of experience as an IT consultant, and has worked for several companies including Pulse Engineering, Titan, Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard.

Sid spent nine years at ClearShark.  His career with ClearShark began as a senior consultant specializing in fibre channel storage area networking, enterprise class storage systems, and enterprise scale file services. Throughout his career, Sid has deployed thousands of fibre channel ports, petabytes of SAN-attached enterprise-class storage, and petabytes of file services capacity. He holds technical certifications from Brocade, NetApp, VMware, and the Microsoft Corporation, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

In 2014, ClearShark and Critical Resouces Group merged their professional services divisions into a single new entity, Fuse Engineeing, LLC.  Sid now serves as the President of Fuse.  In addition to his executive duties, he continues to work part-time as a storage system architect, helping customers to enhance and modernize their storage infrastructures.

Sid enjoys yelling at the screen while his Houston Texans lose – again. He also enjoys travel, sailing, watching old movies (with the real boss, Angela), reading science fiction, playing video games, and torturing his guitar.